Spirituality:  A Discussion on Spirituality   Access Document

Spirituality:  Common Misconceptions Access Resource

Prayer:  A Discussion on Centering Prayer  Access Resource

Prayer:  Sacred Reading – Lectio Divina  Access Resource

Meditation: Significant Benefits  Access Resource

Meditation:  Meeting your Shadow Self  Access Resource





Feelings List Resource Download

Anger Resolution (16min) Watch Video

Stages of Grief  (7min) Watch Video


Boundaries for Holidays Resource Download

Boundaries Sampler Resource Download

Never Go Back (excerpt) Resource Download

Stress and the Brain (33 min) Watch Video



Mean and Sarcastic Comments (21 min) Watch Video

How to be Trustworthy (13 min) Watch Video

Is this the One?  Book Recommendation


Breaking out of Prison (4 min) Watch Video

Michele’s Testimony (4min) Watch Video

Vows I must Break (8min) Watch Video

Childhood Loss and Abandonment (7min) Watch Video

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